Monday, January 11, 2016

Road Maps, Colored For Fun, Party Rites

Time for the roses, time for the girls, time to recap the joys and pains, dazes in darkness, dances done. Happy dazes again, new plans, new dreams in action, searching for new life treasures.  Delighted for the life on earth, happy with the time spent, classes on love and hate, joys and pains, bumps in the roads. Flowers to dates, colored on skin for the fun of it, freaks for ink, another view. Drinks for some, pot for others, tatoos for the long runs, something to show for the cash spent.

 Flip the coin, would like to get together at some point, 420 blowing in the wind, heading to a cave on the beach ( house 50 feet or less from the ocean would be nice), and the sunsets over the waves daily would be the life to live, and have a heated pool in the house, and completely glassed, to see the ocean and the pool, from the house from so many angles, would be heaven.Have had that dream for about a decade now, and it is in FL that I saw this house, like that and the price was nothing like the west coast prices. Want to go there?

Red Hearts, Fires Bright, Hope Alive, Hang On: Pain Ends. Gifts to share, good times, songs to sing. Pixies and fairies, birds and bees, flowers open in the trees, part of the year. Happy notes all, glory dazes done. Fairies to dance, and color the stars at night, birds and bees dancing in the dogwood trees. Great day to sing a song, dancing on the sands of time, the best is yet to come, joys and pleasures, happy as a lark. Birds and bees, dogface butterflies, candy girls, red and pink, fish and frogs to eat. Classes on love and devotion, love and hate, love and peace, horns on a goat, dogs in heat.

Rachel Jarrot, 21 now, in a month or two. Aprils fools the month, of jokes and laughs, deads to do, parts to take, classes in Itilian, Spanish to masters. Tips and tales, jobs to do, houses for homeless in China, Riverside, Orange, Ventura, California, help needed there. Trips to make, talks with the military minorities. Jobs online, write reports, daily, copy and paste, to the directors, in New York. Heads Up?

Castle for sale, in Italy, my house dreams, to share, dates with rite knights, battles to fight. Lady to save, moons to catch, tears to seas, sailing the seas, ship of dreams to share. Hand out to help, the lost, the displace, in China, new job. Houses for the homeless in China to start. Right? Fighting to live, to take a stand for good not evil, ready to shine in the lights of dazes in the sunlight.Starting with the stones and gems found buried under the piles darkness  found in the herds of sheep on top of the ground once. Dogwood  butterflies  for the dogwood trees in the woods.
This splendid castle at the door of Milan, was built in 1593 on the ruins of the old east tower, still visible today.
Property of an illustrious Lombardy family until the end of the 1800’s, this castle was for a long time the venue of many cultural events and conferences attended by personalities like Alessandro Volta, Antonio Scarpa and Lorenzo Mascheroni.
Purple Lights, Purple Signs To read, Train Trades, Going Places, Changes To Make, Paths To take. Birds Out in the color trees, trains to come, trains to go back in time, fruit and nuts to move. "Purple Rain", great movie, so much, hurt and pain, life lessons, better on film. Hopes for the others that had to live that way. Spooks and ghost. Songs on the radio, love to share, life time thing to have someone near, family of friends, lovers to stay, over the good times, bumps in the road, and to help you when you fall. Joys and pains, happy dazes again, over the rainbows, over the yellow brick roads, monkeys to swingers, monkeys in trees, songs and tales to share.

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  1. Freaks, Frogs, Funny Faces, Facts To Fiction
    Monday, April 22, 2013: Life is a Race: 2 Strike: Snake in Grass: Dicks Out of Box: Enough Charms: Game Over: October 16, 2013 : Another example of the yellow snakes at work, snake dens full of the low standards, lights out to fool others. Snake in grass, delete the history in one place, no all the places where data was stored, big pictures out of focus here.

    Why delete history of one or many mental, confused and displace veteran, because you had to create more lies for questions asked, or because you hate the view that you display on some level. Liars, crooks, cheaters, cum suckers, used car sells, junk seller all day long, drug dealer, pimp, poker poker, snake charmer, Jewish White Loads, Jewish Turkey, Cuban Transplants, words used to describe or talk about this family. Their views of themselves is a little different for their actions and deeds, it is all good, love and hate, the horns of a goat, biblical stories, fairy tales, they they live in their dreams, in real life, with lights on it is not the same.

    Time on the cross, time to face the lions, kings on a level or two, angels out to protect, earth angels, fairies and pixies. Tales to spin, cash on table, books to write, trips to hell, snakes and frogs. Sharks and whales, birds and bees, trips to hell, blame games to play. Tricked and pimped, eaten alive for a season or two. Crooks and robbers, snakes and monkeys, dances in the rain, dances in the woods.