Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Rach Jay:FART FACE,BUTT CRACK, MY MOTHER AND FATHER: Sherri and Steven Jarrot,

Land whales to date, Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, 7603601613, good times..
.More good times to share, dances with the hell hounds, with oral talents to 
shine, craigslist searches for prey done daily 7608512267.Steven Jarrot, fool, 
frog, or freak? Man of honor, made of codes of life to live by always, 
standards set while young, taught by the people that were examples, or role
 models that you pattern your life steps on the paths you take during your 

Blame games, to use a finger, three fingers points to you, a second look to take. Write and rites, horse and pony shows, cowboys jacks and bag, boy games to play. Happy Dazes Again Hard Knocks, Movie Rights, good times, lost in time and space, songs to sing. Princess Whale, the bitch of West coast, Rachel Jarrot, expired in 2015, like granny in 2012. Rach Jay now, out of closet, in a big way.Golden Calf in Jewish Frog Army. Dances In The Dark, Hell Fires,  Dances In The Dark,Dancing Dreams, Hell Fires, Burning Lights.Jewish Wales, Butts And Donkeys, Burning Lights.Jewish Wales, Butts And Donkeys, Flying Cows, Pigs And Hogs, Sheri And Rachel Jarrot. Gay and happy, family fuck fests in December, cum and play...Views are like noses, and everyone has one, so what be true to yourself, the only person around daily for you, others might not be out for your best interest. Snakes in the grasses, are fake friends that are true to you as long as it fits, in plans to steal more out of the sex trades with Steve Jarrot, and acorns Rocky, Rachelle, Sima, and Jackie Jarrot or something else, another example in the care and loving natural to them as a group. Happy with gay lifestyle and the extra sex trades for the drugs that rule and control so many today. You also a slave to drugs with sex players that are there for the day, week, summer, or for trades or tricks with ass fuckers, that are white and pure as snow, in their world. 

Glory days gone, Rach Jarrot, now flipping faces, out of her skin. New skin, new looks, new names for butches, Rach Jay, new butch on board. Land whale, see new cow, born December 25? 2015. Frog to snake, or snake to frog, another fish in the seas. Stories and books in the sky, love my gems, sinners with green eyes, glasses also, frags and frogs to dodge. Happy New Year 2016, is it here yet?

Happy Noses, Large Forehead, Planes To Land, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, hell hound, snake in grass, pimp on wheels. Bees and birds, to be positive, classes on love and hate, good times. Tricks by RV Parties: Land Whales, cows and buffalo on land, cattle callers, tails to share. Tips and tales, joys and pass deeds and actions of love and devotion. It’s Time to Cut the Long Lines for Government Services...Walks in the park, fun on the sands of time, foxes and horses. New life with dogwood butterflies, dancing in the rain. The horse and the fox, animals under the skin, out of sight. Races and hurts with the fox by horse riders. Notes to share, pictures not clear, strangers to friends, foxes and horses. Magic in the numbers, magic in the air, daily gifts to share, trips to the moon....It’s Time to Cut the Long Lines for Government Services 10, 2013 - But Steven is a thief that can justify anything and everything that he does. He has ... The actions of Steven Jay Jarrot, Rachel Jarrot, Sheri Rachel Jarrot, thief like sire? | Cows And Cattle Runs:Yahoo Answers,,,,Modern Family..horns....?Jarrot, nuts on the run, crooks and robbers, horns in sight. Sinners and saints, earth angels, dicks and dogs, all have tails. ... Rach Jay?Rachel Jarrot, thief like sire?cow, slut, donkey, butch to date. March 7, 2016...Rachel Gay Jarrot? Charley or Charles R. Jarrot, is a thief, just ...March 7, 2016. wigs and caps, horns on, out of sight. Not.Rachel Jarrot, cow to buffalo and can fly and how?Free rides for crooks, cheaters and liars, Jewish Wales, movie made. Birds To Be Born, Eggs To Fires, Birthdays ....It’s Time to Cut the Long Lines for Government Services - Nobody likes to wait for service, but we seem to reserve a special level of ire when waiting for government services. There’s a way to change that. Angels to fall, earth angels to get back up, rocks and waves, ships of dreams to sail. Tales of angels on earth. Faces Of Rats, Racers Hares.Angels to fall, earth angels to get back up, rocks and waves, ships of dreams to sail.

 Happy days in the hats for hair, better than a bald head, wigs are better as well, secrets for the hairdressers in your life, keep the hats on. Bees and wasps, that was what we had to say about the birds and the bees. Songs to sing, hearts broken, hearts cracked, faces to turn, snakes and worms, gifts to share, tales in the air, glory days done. changes in the winds. Rach Jay FART FACE BUTT CRACK, MY MOTHER AND FATHER: Sherri and Steven Jarrot, I am just like them.
Apples to the basket cases, retards also.Abby Collins-Rachel Jay, or Rachel Jarrot: youre the fartface. Faces in the mirror, terms of endearment, with friends or foes, family of snakes, crooks and frogs, plenty to dodge. Cows and cattle, rude: Rach Jay youre the crackhole.. rude for a big, fat, land whale, dyke to date, tricks to turn, pussies for fun, balls in the air, balls and dicks in line, movies with sluts, movies to see, family hits, so many to share, tips and tales, history to share, classes on lover and haters, coins to flip.Have the dreams, plans, and goals in place to get there, and don’t stop until you get that price. Day Job???Rach Jay, New Trick, Faces for Rachel Gaylin …….Cattle Calling in Desert. Cows,Cattle, And Cattle-calls, Ready for What?…Enough for the Charmed….Game Over……Snakes in the Grass.

Nick Young After Finding Out He 'Brought Other Women Into Our Home' Marines instructors under investigation after death of Muslim recruit. Raheel Siddiqui died in March, days after arriving at a US Marines training facility in Parris Island, S.C. Fifteen Marine drill... .....Petty Crook, Petty Snake,When one lives, one experiences.  Petty On Five Counts, Steven J. Jarrot...WAKE UP SLAVES.  Petty Crooks, Petty Snakes. UCLA Butch Queen, Rachel And Jay Jarrot, Horns To Blown, Horses To Races. 

Freaks, frogs, and shit to fly, sluts and cheap tricks, Jewish Wales, Jewish tricks of the trade. Steers and Queers, party and play with Steven Jarrot,7608512267dream partner for life? 2nd time, history to note, hackers, crooks, liars, cheater, delete questions, let me find out, have to repect, circles of lovers. Hats and horns, tales of donkeys to ride for free, ships of fools to sale. Dreams in drama, movies to make, notes to take, lots of love, lots of tests over time, lost in time, lost in space. 

Ruled dates, historical facts: Pictures 1000 of stories trip back in time. Happy dazes, tips online, history and facts. Gifts to share. Steven Jarrot, Rach Jay, kids without hair, back in the day: Rachel Jay Jarrot, hats to wigs, horns to hair, faces to change with the water. Rach Jarrot-lovers since age 7, 7608512267. RV camping for a life of cum to drink, life of bags of shit to trade for the attention of a freak or two. Time to spent for a day, time to spend a week, time to spend a life time, share a good looking frog or two, that live to party and play, date a snake for the cheap life on the edge of main stream life, a trip on the wild side to share. 

Turning the pages on a dark period, moving on to a brighter dazes on the beach, it is time. Dates with a horse charmer, 420 blowing in the wind, watching the horses cum and go, pieces of a dream, the birds and the bees. Dreams of mine, on the beach, watching the horses down, for the water after a race or two. Animals and bugs that fly, gifts of wings to get here and there, new starts are the meaning of the butterflies.

Time to stop, to to check the clocks, time still a tale or two. Teeth in heads, jokes to laugh, kids of the young at heart, jumps for joy, songs to sing, glory days again, dances in the dark. Monkeys to acts, kids and goats, love and hate, sheep to know, kids with horns, love and hate, in the fields. Songs to hang on, things are not bad, songs to sing, daily event. Happy to know, the trips to hell and back, time to say good bays of hay. Feed the animals in the barn, the kids, the goats, Jesus Christ, born in a barn, another goat or a sheep, bastard barn games in the dark, told how many time. Tales of love and hate, songs on the radio. Captions for the kings that rule, leaders in their field, cash rewards stored, mature, witty a wise, hair long to blew whips in the wind, men in white hats. Giants on land, giants on the seas, yachts, boats and houses next to the sea, dream life for me. The best time of my life is yet to come, with the horses racing for the life to start at the water, common grounds.

Hairs to you girlfriend, Rach Jay: turkey without hair Rachel Jarrot, butch forever, call to date. Steven jarrot, 7608512267 to pimp, cathers with behinds open wide, pitchers in line. Gang bands rules, cum sucker on the beach. Tales: California beaches, sunny in the fun, American Toad, Jewish Rites. Time of our lives, good times, classes on the sands of time. Wolves for friends, into the woods, in to the dark, songs to sing. Happy notes, angels on high, goodness and mercy, angels back to backs. Schools of hard knocks, sinners and saints, into the woods, trees full of snakes and monkeys, swingers from tree to tree. Dogwood trees, monkey see, monkeys do, snakes and frogs, can't beat the heat.

Jun 10, 2013 - But Steven is a thief that can justify anything and everything that he does. He has ... The actions of Steven Jay Jarrot, Rachel Jarrot, Sheri  Rachel Jarrot, thief like sire? | Cows And Cattle Runs:Yahoo Answers,,,,Modern Family..horns....?Jarrot, ...

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