Sunday, March 20, 2016

Raiders Of Blog Returns: Rach Jay, Steven and Cheryl Jarrot-Seven Snakes, 

monkeys swingers on dogwood trees, frogs to eat the worms, pigs to eat snakes.

Songs to sing, daily life, events to write home about, fags, snakes, frogs to toads, Cuban Rites

Living the gizzy life - Should i stay or should i go? - Wattpad.Love and hate horns of a goat. Love and devotions from a man for a women, gifts of the old souls floating here today, gone tomorrow. Lessons to learn, about the fun and games in the minds and hearts of the young at heart. Fairies, pixies, earth angels, bikers from New York, gifts of songs and dances for a better daze.

Tips for the sinners and tales for the saints, gifts to share of the trips around the trees needed for the lessons to learn. Classes in place. Love and hate, truthful and honest, happy and gay, happy and delighted for the dreams in actions, gifts of the young at heart.

This was an email, that I got from my sister from another mother, and how upset she still is about learning the type of frog the bullfrog really is or  reptile that has not learned any new life lessons since he got out of school by the skin on his teeth at Fairfax High  School in Hollyweird, California-when dirt was young-(Steve/Eve/Adam 4 Adam Jarrot) still dump as rocks? Brains exchanged for trains, so sad just senseless now, and full of self as always. You can share your views are not, these are written history, okay you know, recorded..

Last year, hacked,  7 times by Steven Jay Jarrot, hands alone, and how he did more things that I never knew about, makes me very sad. He won money ($940,000) in Vegas (April 2014?, picture on wall at Bally's there, an exchange for $10 investment, is how Steve wrote it, but it was not enough to buy him happiness, and the hate notes that show his true colors, or out with the fangs out for the wolves in the hen house. Still  it upsets me that the car he stole last year, blue toyato Solara 2001, in Palm Springs, California on May 9, 2013 by AAA. The car had been a gift for Mother's Day in 2001. 

 More good times to share, dances with the hell hounds, with oral talents to shine, craigslist searches for prey done daily 7608512267.Steven Jarrot, fool, frog, or freak? Man of honor, made of codes of life to live by always, standards set. At the crossroads now, have to put it on hold, and try not to upset the beast within. The damage has been done. Time to check and see what is right about my life now, it is also time to correct the wrongs, and pick up the pieces and move on. What kind of changing need to be made is in the question as well.

Battles Won: Angels on high, angels in the sky, goodness and mercy battle angels, angels back to backs. Live and love, life of hate, snakes in dens, rotton apples on the ground. Into the woods, into the worlds in darkness, girls in red hoods. Fairy tales, girls lost in woods, in a coffin, put to sleep, one day long ago. Seven days of the week, seven days the world to create, one man alone. Animals first created, man alone sad and blue, was not happy with snakes in dens. Snakes in gardens of happy dreams, snakes in fields of daisy blowing in the wind. Songs to dance and sing the nights away, walks on the beach, downtime in the hot tub, pieces of a dream, notes to share.
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Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, hell hound, oral expert, to share, to trade, to barter, for cash, day jobs.
Suckers in family, cattle and cows, to roam in open ranges, sinners and saints, land whales.
Jewish White Lies, same as truthful and honest, punch line for these land whales, gifts from the center of the earth. Hell Hounds, dances in the dark, dances in the rain, turns to take on the faces of Steven and Sheri Jarrot, cum suckers, day jobs, blow jobs to go, knob polickers, Jewish Style, Monkeys to dodge.

Ruled dates, historical facts: Pictures 1000 of stories trip back in time. Happy dazes, tips online, history and facts. Gifts to share. Steven Jarrot, Rach Jay, kids without hair, back in the day: Rachel Jay Jarrot, hats to wigs, horns to hair, faces to change with the water. Rach Jarrot-lovers since age 7, 7608512267. RV camping for a life of cum to drink, life of bags of shit to trade for the attention of a freak or two. Time to spent for a day, time to spend a week, time to spend a life time, share a good looking frog or two, that live to party and play, date a snake for the cheap life on the edge of main stream life, a trip on the wild side to share. 

Rach Jay, Steven and Cheryl Jarrot, Upland Cattle - Raiders ...

Hats off to the bald turkeys, Rachel and Sheri Jarrot, 909 920 0725 Hackers,

crooks, robbers, wolves and snakes, dances in the dark, dances done.

Family Affairs, Donkeys in the fields, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, or Rach Jay, kids will play, Rachel and Charles Jarrot, jackasses in the hills. Fun and games, more animals displayed, snakes in dens, monkeys in packs, land whales, most of the time. Flip the coin, would like to get together at some point, 420 blowing in the wind, heading to a cave on the beach ( house 50 feet or less from the ocean would be nice), and the sunsets over the waves daily would be the life to live, and have a heated pool in the house, and completely glassed, to see the ocean and the pool, from the house from so many angles, would be heaven.Have had that dream for about a decade now, and it is in FL that I saw this house, like that and the price was nothing like the west coast prices. 

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