Monday, April 4, 2016

Rats And Races, Tricks And Trades, Cheap Tricks, Snakes To Dicks, Blow Jobs, Dazes Of Tasteful Delights, Sheri And Sima Jarrot.

Causes, seasons, and reasons, to go forward, battles to win, horse and pony shows, searches for a rite knight, to sail and the travel with, games of love. Games of chances, mountains to climb, seas to cross, writing time now. How old are you again, in the decades, the experiences you have had. In the air, for a minute, pages of lives, birds in the air, bees and bugs, in the tall trees. Dogwood trees, in the winds, on the sands of time,to stand over times, winds to blue skies. 

American birds, eagles to fly, songs on the mountain tops, birds to rise, birds to fly far in the skies, food to eat, games to eat. Charles R Jarrot & Associates: 6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Canoga Park, CA 91303-(818) 715-9800 Donkeys and Dogs, Dicks And Tricks, Window Open.Examples of Abusive Return Preparer Investigations - Fiscal .. Business to Business - Business Exit Advisor....Blue Light Specials, fairies, pixies, dogwood trees with flowers, treats to share. Hats to horns, wigs to caps, joys to pains, lights and darkness, lessons over time. Pages of lovers, pages of haters, pagers of songs to sing, happy dazes again, glory dazes to be. Dances and drama, dances in the rain, dances over time, dances over space, good time, ships of dreams to sail. 

Dances in the sands of time, classes of people, calm seas, ships of dreams to sail, gifts on the way, rocks and snakes in the water, blue oceans of lovers to cross. Trips to hell and back, dates on thew seven seas, rocks on the paths to greatness, sound views, lovers and haters, goats and sheep, trips to hell and back, time on the cross to do, over and over again, lessons to learn, how to get back up, how to move on, how to keep the fires burning. Birds and eggs, fire and rain, birds in the fires, eggs to rebirths, light and darkness, fires of hope. Colors of the rainbow, colors of the fairies, colors of the luck in the air, peace and happiness, tales of snakes to share, hands to hearts. Hearts to heat, hearts and hands, help not to hurt, tales of the lessons learned. 

TO ALL MANIPULATERS: LOVE IS IN CONTROL, BUT. ITS NOT CONTROLLING. PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR PUPPETS....TRANSFORMING LOVE (PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR PUPPETS)Tips to share, love and hate, hats to wares, tricks and trades, free rides, tales of snakes and frogs, donkeys and snakes, out for cash and credit, dicks to suck.

Poker players, junk to sell, kings and queers, frogs and fish, plenty of crooks, to rob you blind, veterans for prey, back in time. Ties of dogs, bitches in heat, blow jobs to go, nuts on the run, day jobs, donkeys in the hills, asses on land, faces in the mirror, coins to flip, cards to toss, favors of Jews, asses in the wings, Steven and Rach Jay, Sima and Charles R. Jarrot, donkeys to dodge, monkeys in the dogwood trees, snakes and worms, tales to be written. Family of asses.

Rachel and Sheri Jarrot, take your pick, hard at work, sluts with dicks, faces of the dicks to change over time. Not the tools or dick of Steven Jarrot,  7608512267=not the cock of Charles R. Jarrot, toys to play, dicks in line, party and play, lovers for the long knights, faces of dicks to suck. Daily events, to win, to lose, have fun, and treat others like your parents, that you love a lot, gifts to share, joys and pains, bumps in the road, all the colors of the rainbows. Love and hate, lovers and haters, ways to heal, ways to touch, gifts of lovers to dates, old times tips to make love, not hate. Tips to Books to read, once or twice...

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  1. Marching forward, marching on, marching to a better day. Lots of love, lots of laughter, lots of love and hate, goats and kids, snakes in grass, life in the fast lanes. Life in the hills, life in the valleys, lifeboats in the sunshine, life in the shadows, life in the dark. Pages of books to write, pagers of lovers to color bright, pagers of sinners and saints, books to write.

    Life on a dream, voices to ring, one in the nines, gifts of songs to sing, earth, wind and fire, tales to be told. Rides in the sky, dreams to come true, voices to ring, forever, in the sunny and bright days, in the sun, gifts of the stories to be told. Lessons on the sands of time, teachers and students every day, rats to races, gifts online, history created, blue dreams, up in smoke. Time to stop and look for better dreams to act on, drama in real life, drama in dreams, dances in the early light. Dazes for free rides, hope in hand, fires to burn, sunny and bright, tales to be told.