Saturday, September 10, 2016

Paths Taken, Pictures flashing in dreams, free as a bird. Twists. Tuning Turkeys: Bald Heads.

 Dawn of the goods and services to provide for the displace, lost and confuse homeless veteran, come and rest for a moment in time and space. Home heals heart out of the wind and the rain alone the shores of good times lost for waiting for another hand to make it better for the long races on the sands of time. Daily Journey....Remember the past to continue with new lessons learned alone the way, ghosts to share the stories in your head, stars that shoot at night, with messages to hear on the sound of the wind blowing in the trees. Dead people talking in the still of the night, while you sleep are the visits with the dead. .Paths Taken, Pictures flashing in dreams, free as a bird. Twists And Turns.Marvin Gaye –Paths Taken, Pictures flashing in dreams, free as a bird. Twists. Tuning Turkeys: Bald Heads.Snakes And Frogs, Sinners And Snakes, Dinner Treats. 

Dreams to greatness, dreams to family and friends dead and the good times created in their homes in the sky, in the clouds in you head. To start life as a star or to end your life as a star, one of the views that I like to share, everybody born is a star in the world they are in. So what you are not able to please everyone, that is not your job, so what if you are not perfect, and so what people change with the coming of a new day. Dances in the dark, dances in the rain, dances for love, dances for luck, ways to go, circles of life to live. Songs to sing, songs to play, songs to the dead and gone, angels in the air now. Hopes and wishes, joys and pains, bumps in the road, tests over time, noses to shine, noses in the air, graces and charms to tell a tale or two. Hopes and wishes for a more, hopes and wishes for greatness, hopes and wishes for fame, lots of hard knocks schools to attend. Views and noses in the air, goats with horns of love and hate, kids to play, kids to learn, tests over time, how to go on.

Veterans Open DoorsPaths Taken, Pictures flashing in dreams, free as a bird. Twists. Tuning Turkeys: Bald Heads. During the times of war, and during the times of peace, military members up at bat, defines the real men and women, time to sing the songs of thanks and praises. Jobs done well, still land of the free, still land of frogs, fags, and fools that do the right things to be happy. Acts of kindness for the lost, for the confused, and the homeless veterans, still couch surfing. Help us, help them find their way off the battle fields. Hand out to help the hurt, broken and homeless dreams of the men and women that served in the military. Good times to share, good times enjoyed for the free and the brave, members of the military

Help the lost, help the displace, be honest and true to the right things to do, talk about love with pieces of a dream. of frogs in California. Steven Jarrot:7608512267, shares oral skills on Rachel and Sheri Jarrot, on the low down, with the dogs in the hood also, Oct 2014. Rites? Stop, and check the things that you have and make sure you do what you need to do for yourself, is what most people do, right?

Thanks again for the sound mind, have returned from the death of 2013, and this year had a lot of bumps in the road also. Happy for a new day, and more lights of the periods on the cross, thankful for the lessons learned. will have to give thanks for family and friends that are always there in the background, the people that you can not out grow, happy for the connections. Stories to tell, stories to remember and the lessons that we learned, things to laugh about now. Songs to sing praises to the gods, for deliverance from hell hounds. Steven and his son, Charles R. Jarrot, 7607778998-to lie about cash stolen at age 14 from Dad, $160,000 for school of hard knocks, for sex changes more like it. Hookers, poker games, drugs and tricks and trades just like daddy.

Steven Jarrot:7608512267-skills learned early for both. Originally shared by Uritza Smith...The names have been changed to protect the lame, dim and the unknown snakes in the grass. Jewish Rock Star here today and always, so what do not have natural hair on head. Wigs will do, my mother is a hair care want to be, does not have enought control to have a job to do the work, Daddy bought one for Miss Cattlecall, and she was not suitable for the long run. So I like to be a dumb bad hair day desired always. Off to Colorado State for first person to go in my family of three.

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