Saturday, January 23, 2016

House Grants, Funds On Tables, Hands Helps

Dream Knights: Dreams in the night, dreams on mountain tops, American Birds, American Girl, baby boomers, jumps for joy, free as a bird. On the mountain tops, birds and bees, high as a kite, sites to see. Blonde hair and all, stars in heaven, food for the gods. Stars in heaven, stars on earth, angels and fairies. Earth angels, mothers on earth, Adam and Eve. Snakes in the garden, snakes in the woods. Tips and tales, girls with red hoods, into the woods, into the night, snakes and monkey games. Into the woods to grandmothers house. Fairy tales told when we were young.

Love and hate horns on one goat, birthday witches to all, good tips to share. Songs to sing, trips around the dogwood trees, monkeys swinging, games of tags. Online tags, key word search, snakes in dens, snakes in mirrors, snake in lines. Dances with snakes, dances with wolves, girl with red hoods in the woods. Eaten alive one by one, food and fun, dazes in the dark.

Flip the coin, would like to get together at some point, 420 blowing in the wind, heading to a cave on the beach ( house 50 feet or less from the ocean would be nice), and the sunsets over the waves daily would be the life to live, and have a heated pool in the house, and completely glassed, to see the ocean and the pool, from the house from so many angles, would be heaven.Have had that dream for about a decade now, and it is in FL that I saw this house, like that and the price was nothing like the west coast prices.

Rocky Rachel Jarrot, with or with out the $6000 hair cap from the hills in Beverly, first two bought by last girl friend, crazy black magic woman, that was delivered for the devils in this family. Snakes and frogs, crooks and robbers, cheaters for life, dreams in drama, steers and queers, cattle callers, hippos and cow, tales of jackasses in the hills. 

Watch out for them, they steal from themselves and cash in on Allstate insurance claims. Here is the play that is in place now, and has been since Papa Paul Jarrot, started the practice. Have the house, have the RV crashed, repairs not need, just a hammer to put pieces of the RV back on, he blames the dead for the bumps in the road, and Charley and Paul Jarrot, come back to play with Steve in his sleep.

 Every night, hogs to pigs, whales online, tales to be written, good times. Coins to flip, tips of suckers to date, when he is not calling the hogs, and rolling over to stuff his face again, fat is the nature of the beast in this tribe, they are wide ass, white happy and gay people, with a dick in their months, and six for Steven Jay Jarrot is the record now. 325 dicks sucked or fucked in a month.

Red Hearts, Fires Bright, Hope Alive, Hang On: Pain Ends. Gifts to share, good times, songs to sing. Pixies and fairies, birds and bees, flowers open in the trees, part of the year. Happy notes all, glory dazes done. Fairies to dance, and color the stars at night, birds and bees dancing in the dogwood trees. Great day to sing a song, dancing on the sands of time, the best is yet to come, joys and pleasures, happy as a lark. Birds and bees, dogface butterflies, candy girls, red and pink, fish and frogs to eat. Classes on love and devotion, love and hate, love and peace, horns on a goat, dogs in heat.

House Guest, Family or Foes, Homeless Days:Veterans Open Doors. Paths Taken, Pictures flashing in dreams, free as a bird. Twists. Tuning Turkeys: Bald Heads. During the times of war, and during the times of peace, military members up at bat, defines the real men and women, time to sing the songs of thanks and praises. Jobs done well, still land of the free, still land of frogs, fags, and fools that do the right things to be happy.

Acts of kindness for the lost, for the confused, and the homeless veterans, still couch surfing. Help us, help them find their way off the battle fields. Hand out to help the hurt, broken and homeless dreams of the men and women that served in the military. Good times to share, good times enjoyed for the free and the brave, members of the military

Black Writers: Good times, monkeys swingers in the wind, jokes on land to see. Nights alone the way, paths crossed, veterans and black female heroes, nightmares from time serve. Gifts of lives in danger, acts and deeds to note, sad tales of men in attacks. Lives lost, lives given to protect our way of life. Dangers covered on land and seas, American blacks, American Girls and women, fights for rites and reasons. Sex attach hidden, military men on American females, fights in the night, fights for rites, fights of hate and shame. Broken and hurt, jokes today for the land whales.  more »


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