Monday, January 18, 2016

Parties For Teas, Parties for Birthdays, Happy Dazes, Yellow Heals

Dinner Partys, Tea For a crew, students and teachers, to live for a year, rooms with views, all over the place. Dinner in the yellow room, desert in another place, trips to the room for dinner. Jokes and laughs, trips to Italy, passport on hold, trips to take for the credits in school. Lauguages to take, in the land of the people, speck that same way. Rules to learn. Classes to take. Year of the monkey, 2016, tips to share.

Castle for sale, in Italy, my house dreams, to share, dates with rite knights, battles to fight. Lady to save, moons to catch, tears to seas, sailing the seas, ship of dreams to share. Hand out to help, the lost, the displace, in China, new job. Houses for the homeless in China to start. Right? Fighting to live, to take a stand for good not evil, ready to shine in the lights of dazes in the sunlight.Starting with the stones and gems found buried under the piles darkness  found in the herds of sheep on top of the ground once. Dogwood  butterflies  for the dogwood trees in the woods.


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