Wednesday, June 8, 2016

American Toads, Seven Snakes, Steven and Rachel Jarrot: Twisted And Bent.

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Jackasses Will Tricks and trades, suckers of cum, lords and ladies porn stars, land whales tCartoon Hits: Stars And Wishes, Joys And Peace, Dazes For Dances... Ways to stop, water of a ducks back, dreams in the middle of the night.
  Dates with freaks, dates with guys in glasses not hard to read. Have a lot lost with the lack of lights to turn on. Snakes int he grass, out of the sun, full of shit for days, lots of love on the ground. Asses in the air, asses to ride, tricks and trades to be done. Hope and dreams of lovers to last, coins to toss.

Lips still moving, nothing noted of changes made, coins to flip, pages to fruitful princess of the world, not the smartest in our family and a dyke already, will have to save some eggs for grand-kids, already lost Christina to a dick for kids to cum, pussy to pussy is how Rachel Jarrot is now, just like her mother-Sheri Beth Jarrot: 7603601613. We will steal, cheat, and rob for the love of our lifes-Rachel Jarrot- the Golden Cow-Butch, Buff, Buffalo, and wide ass bison looking for a dick to give her kids, after 3 more years of collage to go. Slow, simple, and fatter than a cow with a calf in the oven size now, another hat for her to wear, too chicken shit to finish what she started at last school.

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