Wednesday, June 8, 2016

English, Profanity, Sarcasm, And Real Shit: Pins On: Donkeys For Free Rides.

Crooks, Robbers, Camp RV Divers, Cum Delights....Love and hate, cries in the night, joys and pains, laughs and lights, ladies of dances, pages to turn. Tips of angels, tales of fakes, snakes and frogs, dances in the dark. Life and love, goats and sheep, dances in darkness, dances in chains. Love and luck, coins to flip, dances on the sands of time, classes on love and hate, sheep and goats, time to learn. Be serene in knowing you are succeeding in your goal. The card in the Advice position suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible. The World in this position may be giving you permission to do whatever you want. Presently, your motivation is close to the will of the divine. Even if you commit an error, it will be turned to the greater good. Stay active and just keep moving forward. It is unnecessary to keep checking or interrupting your spontaneity with calculation. Rather than look for consensus or affirmation from others, simply dance the dance. In other words, express yourself, react naturally and let the chips fall where they may. What matters is divine intention. Whether or not human beings approve is less important. If you allow your ego to inflate, however, you cease to be useful to self.Hats and horns, gifts in words, earth angels on land, angels in the air, birds and bees, games to play, jacks in a bag. Toys and tools, jokes and laugh, kids at work, men at play, faces of dicks. Dicks and dogs, bitches in heat, hats and horns, faces in the mirror. Bumps at the forks, bumps at the speed of light, bumps in the roads, bumps to roll over, paths on the track. Racers and rats, horse and pony shows, gifts of lovers, hands to help, gifts to share. Pages of lovers, pagers of haters, pagers of ways to grow, hopes for more, prey for better, tricks and trades. 

Lady Gaga finds true love at last with her 'brave lion' Taylor Kinney....Turning the pages for the party and play crews in Upland, Ventura, , Indio, Palm Springs, and the beaches in the middle of the road. Fun and games for Penny Moore not a penny less, songs to sing about dazes in hell, happy and gay lifestyle of the saints and sinners in the Jarrot Super-size Whales, gifts from the center of the earth. Peace and love by the sea, with gifts for the six faces that flash during the day, and the other 7 faces or masks for the night.
Fruits and nuts to go, games to play in Upland for the holiday season, parked in RV waiting for the cattle crossing. Marines instructors under investigation after death of Muslim recruit. Raheel Siddiqui died in March, days after arriving at a US Marines training facility in Parris Island, S.C. Fifteen Marine drill.
When one lives, one experiences. During Jobs Acts.(With life comes experience.)Random acts of kindness are gifts to the unknown, and just need red blood to share lunch by the sea, fingers and toes attached to the limbs that support them are food for the sinners and the saints, candy parts of the body to share, alone with the pictures of the two faces of Dorian Gray, gifts to share. pictures of the hand of god, touch by an angel not acceptable for the lifestyle chosen, and the space is limited. Noted the gift on hold, and the fairy on the dash is a reminder of the fish that got away.

Lyons Dick Wonders: RV Dreamer:Steven Jarrot, 7608512267: Party …Lyon Sacks of Shit: Lyon Sacks: Cheater 2?7608512267:Steven Jarrot, best snake in the grass, Sheri Jarrot: ex-wife number 2: lots of pussy to share, with …Saints and Sinners: Hackers, Snakes and Frogs, Steven Jarrot … Hackers, Snakes and Frogs,Steven Jarrot 7608512267 . Dicks, Dawgs, Donkeys, faces to see,. Cook in the house, motorcycle red, lots of …

Leader of Pack Wolves: Steven Jarrot 7608512267. | Frogs, dogs and dicks,tricks and trades for dicks to suck, good time, mouth open wide, tasteful delights, tasteful pleasures, notes in the hair. ……/leader-of-pack-wolves-ste Hackers, Crooks, Robbers, Snakes And Monkeys To Dodge, Rachel andSteven Jarrot, lovers for all times, butches to bitches, cum suckers to …

Sluts Rachel Jarrot, Rach Jay, crooks and robbers, thieves for time and attention, wigs to caps, horns to hide. sluts for free rides, rides on faces of donkeys, free rides on dicks for dollars, slut for pole dances, lots of lovers to talk about, Steven and Charley Jarrot, family fun fucks on the weekends. Donkeys in heard fuck together.

Cheap Tricks:Sheri, Rachellyn1010, Rachel, Sima Jarrot: Prostitutes???
Rachel Jarrot, thief like sire? |UritzaSmith333:Sister-Wives,Freaks And Frogs.
Want a happy life, take notice. Relaxation techniques can reduce health care needs by 43%..100% of profits from my new book go to provide free stress-mgt services to vets. The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. Picasso #BeHappyNow #BetterBoxLife….Eric Walrabenstein .
Steven Jarrot at 53: Blimps, Cows, Butches, Dykes, Whores, Cheap Dates. May 19, 2013: Asses Kissed: Dicks Out of Box: Fags To See: Party and Pay: Steven and Charles R. Jarrot, crooks and liar, tails to be told. Good Time, Laughs to delight stories to be told. Hugs and kisses, good and bad, history, of what was, and dreams to cum true. Lots of cum, lots of partners, cum. Good times, history created, not news. SHERI JARROT, 7608512267, IS A CHEAP PROSTITUTE WHO SELLS HER ASS FOR A PACK OF HAIR, BALD BUTCH. $6000 TO REPLACE WIGS. HER MOTHER, MARRLYN GERSHIRE, DEAD BY CANDER, CHRISTMASD DAY 2012, RAN OVER BY REED DEAL, BY SONG, 30 YEARS ALSO. GRANDMOTHER GOT RAN OVER BY REIEDEER. GREAT SONG, GOOD JOB. SIMA I JARROT, ALSO IS A CHEAP TRICK, BIG MOUTH WHORE : 

Donkeys and Asses: Sheri and lover, Rachel Jarrot, Fag Hags 1 & 2...Peace for Fools: Snake Dens: Cum Suckers. Ads on craigslist done while girlfriends were sleep, while girlfriends worked cheater searches for black women, that he can steal from like the displace veteran, that he wanted to die for him in fire in RV August 17, 2012.

Love and devotion given with car stolen May 9, 2013 at apartment of lovers for cash returns stolen and spent on scooters deals for fun and games, Phyllissa Desilva-has nightmares now about the devils with the man that was best to be had for a fake friend, projects and points at the mental issues of the veterans, displaced, lost, confused, and searching for friends, that are not Steven Jarrot, the oral expert of late night craigslist, preys on women of color.

 Classes above the views shared about stories created about family members of the displaced veteran, lies about facts that he never had, truth and honesty to Steven Jay Jarrot, is licking and sucking people with sex organs, male or female does not matter, cum is cum and tasteful pleasures to him, and kids Charley and Rachel Jarrot, poker players, cows to butch, buff, and god knows what floats his boat today.

Talking done, cum to party and pay, bitches twins, black and yellow hair. Hares and rabbits, Sheri and Rachellyn1010, Rachel butch, Rachel Jarrot the buffalo. . Steven jay jarrot, and bald head bay or crooks, snakes and liars. Worns under their skin, nit real snake, cum suckers thats all.Transplants from Cuba, Sima and StevenJarrot, alive still?Butches, bitches, and whales on land to date, fake friends, noses high in air, above their station, jokes on freaks out at night, good times to share around the camp fires..People Near...333SMITH transguy25's photo Jessica485's photo nessahhhhb's photo ashazayas19's photo Yvette_1333's photo popesonee1's photo 
English, Profanity, Sarcasm, And Real Shit, Tales Told, Donkeys For Free Rides.

English, Profanity, Sarcasm, And Real Shit, Tales Told, Donkeys For Free Rides. Jay Jarrot, love and hate lines crossed, how many times, in the whiteness of this matter, colors that change with the lights of day, but not for the people with their heads in sand. 7608512267/ 090462:High School fairfax in Hollywood), tells lies about the love and devotion he had for the love of his life, the woman to grow old with, is what he told family and friends for the first two years together.

Lights On Steven and Rachel Jarrot - Snakes in Grass ...sheri jarrot.....Seven Snakes: Rachel and Steven Jarrot - Woods and ..Cheap Tricks:Sheri, Rachellyn1010, Rachel, Sima Jarrot....Cosmetics Professional...Greater Los Angeles AreaCosmetics.....Lots of love, lots of luck, lots of laughs, rabbits and dicks, dogs in the house, trails to run. Games with balls, balls in the air, games on land, games to see. Jokes and laughs, lots of love, hats to wear, ears to horns. Goats and sheep, fun and games, songs to sing, dances on the sands of time, glory dazes done, faces in the mirror. Happy and delighted with the joys and pains of growth, happy and delighted with the daily gifts to share again. Mountains to climb, valleys to cross, in the woods , over the seven seas, for the seasons to dance and dream in the sun. 
Jackasses Will Tricks and trades, suckers of cum, lords and ladies porn stars, land whales Cartoon Hits: Stars And Wishes, Joys And Peace, Dazes For Dances... Ways to stop, water of a ducks back, dreams in the middle of the night. Dates with freaks, dates with guys in glasses not hard to read. Have a lot lost with the lack of lights to turn on. Snakes int he grass, out of the sun, full of shit for days, lots of love on the ground. Asses in the air, asses to ride, tricks and trades to be done. Hope and dreams of lovers to last, coins to toss. …like green dollars to Jay Jarrot, love and hate lines crossed, how many times, in the whiteness of this matter, but not for the people with their heads in sand. 7608512267/ 090462:High School fairfax in Hollywood), tells lies about the love and devotion he had for the love of his life, the woman to grow old with, is what he told family and friends for the first two years together. Faces and masks fell off for a period of time) for examples of goodness, wit and charms for luckless, veterans, and earth angels, no room in hell for a fairy or a pixie. Hell created out of love and devotion for the best woman to ever come into my life, and the devil came out in me, and have pictures of the car I stote for Rachel Jarrot,Marching Forward, Madness Returns, Battles Won...Wars and battles, lessons learned, classes on the sands of time, songs to rocks, songs to play, good times. Party all the time, family of clowns, horse and pony shows, actors to date, cooks, and DJs, New Yorker transplants, sings for fees. Rats to races, songs to play, lovers and hates, life on the beach. Eyes Open, Fruit And Nuts, Hard Knocks..... Lovers and haters, hats and horns, stories of wigs and caps to heads, gifts taken, hares to woods, snakes and worms, in the grass, dates on the side of the roads.

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