Thursday, June 30, 2016

Petty Crook, Petty Snake,When one lives, one experiences. Petty On Five Counts, Steven J. Jarrot...WAKE UP SLAVES.

Once long ago, met a frog, Steven Jay Jarrot, 7608512267, who was a snake, picked him up, and had had a trip to hell to do. Lies out of the gate, tales of trips to the bank, how much cash he took for the lost, the confused, cars and cash, and rights to reasons. A true snake in the grass, friend to some, family to others, the reasons to shine, are just hard to find. Some many lies have been told. How great and wonderful his family of crooks are. So many ways to steal, from his mother, and the other family members, in the name of love. Love and hate, horns of a goat, horns to blow, for the rights and the seasons to share, lessons learned, bumps in the roads.

Credit  Crook.......Happy birthdays 2015, fruits and nuts. RV camping lifestyle shared with Steven and Rachel Jarrot. 7608512267. Third place is last place, and no trophies for that placement, keep it for sucker to marry a freak like him. He likes to suck dicks, and it was great not to have to fuck a trick because he was gay, and the meth does that to him. Jokes on the fools and blogs about the snakes in the grass, lies told.

Time on the cross, time to face the lions, kings on a level or two, angels out to protect, earth angels, fairies and pixies. Tales to spin, cash on table, books to write, trips to hell, snakes and frogs. Sharks and whales, birds and bees, trips to hell, blame games to play. Tricked and pimped, eaten alive for a season or two. Crooks and robbers, snakes and monkeys, dances in the rain, dances in the woods. Reasons, seasons and causes, tales in your head, dreams dancing in my head. New plans, new dreams, new cattle and more sheep. Blue and green people, search is on, dates to set with mature, witty owls, kings on land, lions to locate. Knights to shine, kings on land, lions in other forms, men of class. Leaders as kings, Peter Pan rides again. 

Snakes in grass, snakes and worms, hackers to kill, accounts high jacked, history changed, for a minute or two. Lights on, shame and pains, lessons learned, legends to hear, four tops to spin, girls in the family, Debbie, Phyllissa, Jane, Charlotte, And Richard, last one one, not a girl, the only boy, born. Kids of mine, kids of my family, my mother left us alone. Long time ago, still sad and blue, waited for years, for the other shoe to fall off. Happy to know where the shoes are, the red ones when to stay. 

Petty Crook, Petty Snake,When one lives, one experiences. (With life comes experience.) Frogs and snakes, dances in the dark, games to play, coins to toss, pages to turn. Trips to hell and back,lovers and haters, stories to share. Purple rain, singer dead today, say songs for the rest of us, Prince died at home, way to go. Angel in shilpi tewari @shilpitewari 8 Dec 2014 ....tbh this is deep. Everytime I see this, I am reminded of Vaishnodevi 'jor se bolo Jai mata di'. Very inappropriate I guess Young After Finding Out He 'Brought Other Women Into Our Home'

Marines instructors under investigation after death of Muslim recruit. Raheel Siddiqui died in March, days after arriving at a US Marines training facility in Parris Island, S.C. Fifteen Marine drill... .....Petty Crook, Petty Snake,When one lives, one experiences.  Petty On Five Counts, Steven J. Jarrot...WAKE UP SLAVES. 
Steven J. Jarrot...WAKE UP SLAVES. Jewish Rites, goats and sheep, life on the outside, looking out in space. Over the signs of time, life on a cross, slaves and role players. Horse and pony shows over time and space, to be stupid, not to be fixed, have to start over in time. Games and fingers to blame others, for your mistakes for your time on the cross, slaves over time and space.  Lessons to learn, lessons learned the first time, for the choose few. Love and hate the horns of a goat, happy and gay with the laughs, happy and delighted for another day on the right side of the great. What a great day for new plans, what a great day for the fun and games, what a great day for the saints and the sinners.

Love and hate horns of a goat. Love and devotions from a man for a women, gifts of the old souls floating here today, gone tomorrow. Lessons to learn, about the fun and games in the minds and hearts of the young at heart. Fairies, pixies, earth angels, bikers from New York, gifts of songs and dances for a better daze.
Tips for the sinners and tales for the saints, gifts to share of the trips around the trees needed for the lessons to learn. Classes in place. Love and hate, truthful and honest, happy and gay, happy and delighted for the dreams in actions, gifts of the young at heart.

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